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Daniele provvisoria

Daniele Siccardi known Venetian restaurateur landed in the sunny island of Malta with its new business plan, the restaurant Ambasciata Veneziana.
For over 36 years his work has also at the same time his passion to convey emotions with food.

After working for many years as Executive Head Chef in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world, he decided to open his first restaurant that receives immediately a huge success.

In a very short time opens one after the other one after another, 7 restaurants, creating a its first chain, which will be called of “I Ristoranti del Cuore” employing more than 130 people.

In 2007, he devoted himself to a new important project, and run the restaurant “Al Fiume Stella”; a wonderful restaurant, located along a waterway with private dock, surrounded by a fascinating and wonderful green park. Where the traditional and modern trends, accompanied by fine wines and brings in just three years to become the number one restaurant in Friuli.

Under the direction of owner Daniele Siccardi born 4 other restaurants in Friuli and Veneto, while a fifth restaurant opens in Austria. In 2014, King Midas catering Veneto-Friuli landed in Malta and established “Ambasciata Veneziana” in the heart of the Maltese nightlife. Like all restaurants patronized by Daniele Siccardi also the Ambasciata Veneziana stands out for its friendly atmosphere and very friendly, never missing a good mood and every customer is treated like a King.

“Every customer should be treated so well and the food we serve must be sound good to excite.”
(Daniele Siccardi)

Excellent wine accompanies the dishes, many of which find their origins in the most ancient culinary tradition of Venice. Eating Embassy Venetian and ‘a wonderful experience.

Each ingredient is chosen with care and over the years have been selected some suppliers of excellence, salami, cheese, wine are just some of the ingredients that arrive every week directly from Venice.

“Let yourself be guided into a unique and memorable experience.”